About us Worldwide Transportation Services

Why Worldwide Transportation Services?

  • We have a very large range of trucks/capacity throughout Europe
  • We work with many different carriers
  • We’re able to select the best price/quality because of the wide range
  • We select the best carriers for specific countries
  • We’re not dependent on return loads
  • We’re an RA registered company
  • We have a solution for all types of transport
  • We use software that immediately shows European availability
  • We track your cargo in real time
  • We proactively send you status updates for your cargo. Right up to the current unloading time!

Your air cargo will be transported RA. You save the costs of screening at the airport where we unload your freight

Imagine you’re transporting a 15 tonne load in the form of four ULDs based on an FTL (Full Truck Load). If you haven’t used an RA registered carrier, the extra costs for screening could amount to as much as five cents per kg. This means you’re easily looking at a total cost of 750 euros. So we’d say there won’t be much hesitation in deciding to transport your cargo using an RA registered company.

EUV/FTL: Worldwide Transportation Services delivers on your promise

GSA companies and/or airlines make firm agreements with the parties who expect cargo around a certain time. The agreements may be with a handling agent that has to load the outgoing flight or an import warehouse at the destination airport. In both cases, people and possibily machines are waiting for the cargo. So it’s very important to meet the agreed time.

At Worldwide Transportation Services, we promise only what we can deliver. Our responses and solutions are transparent and straightforward. We’re happy to give a wholehearted YES and ensure that we’re on time at the location you promised.

Worldwide Transportation Services in four countries

Worldwide Transportation Services has four branches. These branches are conveniently spread across Europe. We know the local markets through and through. This knowledge provides us with the competing edge in using the right transport for particular destinations.


Trucking Division Italy
Via Dante 146
20096 Pioltello (MI),
+39 02 92162150
Trucking Division Spain
C/ Alta Ribagorza 20
Parc Empresarial Mas Blau II
08820 El Prat de Llobregat
+34 93 479 30 30
Trucking Division Germany
Bldg. 567
B - 60549 Frankfurt
+49 69 695 963 35
Trucking Division The Netherlands
Anchoragelaan 30, Room 262
1118 LD Schiphol
The Netherlands
+31 (0)20 316 3877