Transport of aircraft engines Worldwide Transportation Services

Aircraft parts and engines

Aircraft parts and aircraft engines. Sometimes it’s a rush shipment. Sometimes the package is quite large. In both cases it needs to be handled with care. Aircraft parts undergo major inspections before they can be mounted on or under an aircraft. Damage during road transport could cause a catastrophic accident.

Aircraft on Ground (AOG). Money is not an issue

When an aircraft is grounded with a technical problem, in some cases a part has to be brought from a completely different continent. Money is no object here. An exclusive truck and sometimes even an exclusive flight is required to ensure that the stranded aircraft can take off as quickly as possible.

Aeroplane engine by road

Transport of the gigantic jet engines of airlines is sometimes done by road. This may be because a supplier of the engine wants to do the maintenance in its own factory or because a stranded aircraft needs an engine that is 1000 kilometers away. The highly expensive engines are then placed in special stands so they remain stable during transport. A very specialised form of transport which is not a problem for us at Worldwide Transportation Services.


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