V.I.C. Very important cargo Worldwide Transportation Services

Exclusive Use of Vehicle (EUV)

Sometimes a load is so important that the customer chooses to book an exclusive transport service, even if this is not a full truck load. While we try to keep “empty kilometers” to a minimum, it is sometimes necessary to use an exclusive vehicle.

Every hour that an oil platform is down costs big-time

The phone is not going to ring at 11:00 in the morning. No, these are the transport requirements that call our “man on duty” from his or her bed. “An aeroplane has to fly out in 15 hours and this part has to be there. Collect it from the factory now and deliver it to the departure airport within 12 hours.” At a time like this, we’ll open all registers and ensure that the part is on time for the flight.

Cross-contamination spells the end of the product

A reason involving a lot less time pressure may be that a special product needs to be transported from A to B. However, the product must on no account be transported together with another product. To remove any uncertainty, our customer can choose to have the transport carried out on an exclusive basis. It’s better to pay a little more for transport than to have to discard the product at the final stage of the order.


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